Hearing the Unsaid Words

Creating a logo requires the logo designers to gain an in depth understanding about your organization. This is something that has always remained true simply because your logo needs to be all about you. So how can an online business that caters to clients from across the globe gain that understanding? This is a question that we get asked very often, and the answer lies right here, within this very post.

To begin with, let us give you an insight into the process we undertake to create the logo that is perfect for you. First, you begin by selecting a package. This can be a startup, small or plus package, each of which has its own advantages and clientele. You can choose your package here. Following this, you fill up a simple, one page form that gives us details about you, your organization and the work that you do. For example, the Standard package form can be found here. Once you provide us with the information that our designers need, you turn your attention back to your business while we take over your logo design worries. Within as few as two days, we get back to you with a few logo design concepts, after giving you an equivalent number of mockups of course! We then await your feedback on the concepts and proceed to make any revisions to these concepts as you may deem necessary until you get the design that you love.

This brings us back to the point of understanding our clients. How do we know what it is that you truly expect your logo to represent? How can we get all the information we need from one simple form? The answer to that concern is in the fact that our simple form is just that – simple! Our questions are designed to extract the most from your vision in the quickest and most specific manner possible.

One of the most important parts of our form is the single line that describes your organization that you need to fill in. When asked to describe your business, your baby, in one line, you are bound to list those aspects that define your work. That is exactly what we carry into your logo design.

We know that your logo can be created in a variety of styles. In fact, you may not even be aware of the styles into which logos can be categorized. We solve this problem by listing the number of styles accompanied by logos that fall under each category. The result? You can choose the multiple styles that your logo should incorporate!

Did you know that red stands for passion as well as anger while green denotes fertility? Colors make up an important part of your logo; and you want to be certain that the color you choose denotes your true style. That is why we provide a color guide along with space for you to note down your preferred as well as least favorite color options. Just like colors can be confusing, so can assigning traits. How do you explain that you want a logo that says ‘I’m tough’? Simple – you want something masculine. Our information form lists a number of traits, giving you the option to choose between two contrasts, or even a combination of them through a simple scale. Added to this is the option of penning down whatever thoughts or even ideas you have for your logo. All of it simply gives our designers a deeper insight into your vision.

Finally, we turn the focus to your target audience. We bring out all details about your target market, right from its geographic location to the characteristics that you would associate with and cater to. After all, your logo should be recalled, remembered and loved by your target audience while being representative of your brand.

Simple doesn’t mean minimalist, and that is what our information form proves. Through a simplistic approach, our logo designers learn all that they need, the words that you don’t even have to say. This means that you don’t need to spend hours explaining your organization and brand to us – our form does it for you and you don’t even realize! This effective simplicity is what helps us create great logo designs; and if 40DollarLogo can give you an effective and aesthetic logo in a matter of days with limited investment of time and effort on your end, why go somewhere else?

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