Free Logo Design for Non Profit Organizations & Educational Events

Have you ever wondered why customers recall some brands easier than others? Why is it that some events are remembered more than others? The answer is often simpler than you would have thought – branding centered around an eye catching logo. Logos make for the single most important aspect of your branding. It is what customers see, remember and recall. That is why creating the perfect logo has been recognized as central to the branding of any business, non-profit organization, event and even educational institution.

We, at 40DollarLogo, have revolutionized the very concept of logo design with our innovative services. We offer logo design services with unlimited revisions, the fastest turnaround time in the market and the most economic investment on logo design. Those are the three unique selling points that have made us a market favorite with SMEs as well as larger, established companies. In just a short period of time, we have become one of the most popular choices for logo design; and to thank you for your continued support, we are offering free logo designs for non-profit organizations and for events & fests organized by educational institutions!

Spreading the word about your organization or event begins with creating a catchy logo. That’s what we do for you, for free. If you’re a non-profit organization, investing your time in making the world a better place to live, one step at a time, then let us help you spread your message. Our free logo design services will allow your organization to become more recognizable and consequently make your efforts more appreciated and effective.

We also offer free logo designs for educational institution events. Whether it’s a cultural fest, tech fest or college fest that your institution is hosting, you want people to remember it as a benchmark for future events. Our free logo designs will help you get the branding you desire.

Free Logo Design Service Details

Here is the blueprint of the offer. Feel free to get in touch with us should you need any clarifications.

  • You get two unique logo design concepts and three revisions on the design that you shortlist – absolutely free of cost!
  • Our free logo design service is available for non-profit organizations and for events organized by educational institutions.
  • Our free logo design service is available for events and fests hosted by any educational institution, but not for the logo of the universities, colleges and schools themselves.
  • Our free logo design service is not available for government entities and organizations, religious or spiritual organizations, hospitals and health care organizations.
  • We aim at accepting all the qualifying applications for free logo designs that we receive; however, we may have to reject a few due to some unforeseen reasons.
  • Every month, we accept 2-3 applications for free logo designs.
  • We reserve the rights to list, in our client list, the organizations for which we design the logos.

Application Process

How do I sign up and get my free logo designed you ask? It’s simple. All you need to do is click on the link: or fill up the form below and provide us with all the required details including your official email address.

We do, however, require that the email address is an official one from the organization or institution that you represent and not one that is hosted by free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo or other email clients. We will get back to you within 24 hours from time of submitting the form and you will find yourself choosing between logo design options within a week!

40DollarLogo Changes the Face of the Corporate Logo and its Design and Development Process

NOTE: The post below is a re-production of our website coverage by PRWeb.

40DollarLogo has changed the way the logo design industry works. In a market torn between long established, global firms and freelance logo designers, 40DollarLogo has found a niche that is growing with every passing day. Startups, small and medium enterprises, which have often overlooked the importance of logo design, are now growing as a potential market for the industry, a growth that is fueled to a great extent by 40DollarLogo.

With its unprecedented service that combines creative logo design with minimum investment of finances and time, 40DollarLogo has reinvented the logo design and development process. Commitment of too much time and finances led to SMEs and new start-ups ignoring the important role that a logo could play in raising their brand awareness. But 40DollarLogo has worked to change that mind-set, providing its hundreds of SME clients with logo designs that have caused a spurt in their brand awareness. This has led to the emergence of a new market altogether for the logo design industry. The creative solutions that lead to high return on investment and greater brand visibility has made 40DollarLogo a popular solution for the logo design needs of SMEs. Testimonials depict their satisfaction.

“I want to thank the 40DollarLogo team for their vision and creativity. My logo is exactly what I wanted, but was not what I first envisioned. They have the rare ability to give you what you need but can’t explain. Great job guys!”
— Chris W, Texas Way Mortgage

“I was very picky with the design and the support team at 40DollarLogo was very patient and made the changes that I asked for with no questions asked. They did this until I was completely satisfied. I was waiting for them to blow a gasket and say, “go fly a kite” but it never happened and I ended up with a product I am happy with. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and the price is superb as well.”
— Dr.Z, Prinet Health LLC

The reason for the growing popularity of the services provided by 40DollarLogo is the precision with which it works. Other than providing a low investment logo design option, 40DollarLogo also brings high creativity, speedy execution and absolute customer satisfaction to the equation. Service packages start as low as $40 USD and can be customized to suit the way or working that the client desires. Infinite revisions are a part of every package, regardless of its cost and every option comes with the standard of delivery within three to five days. Its 100% satisfaction guarantee is proven by the existence of its money-back policy that, although rarely invoked, assures client satisfaction to the very end.

Additional to SMEs, 40DollarLogo offers its innovative services to anyone in need of logo development and design. Its numerous options, coupled with its secure payment facility and global reach, make it a preferred choice in the market. It brings together the experience, reach and appeal of a global firm with the creativity and dedication of an individual designer. With over four hundred clients and growing, 40DollarLogo has created a new type of organization, one that appeals to the growing needs of the corporate logo design service industry.