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6 Attributes of a Successful Call to Action

When you set up a website, you had specific goals in mind. It could be to sell a product, facilitate transactions, champion a cause, share information, grow your social media follows, increase your email subscribers or any combination of these. Backend processes such as file activity monitoring exist to ensure visitors to your website can

A 6-Point Guide in Protecting Your Logo

One of the best ways to build your brand’s identity is to have a logo to represent it. Consider the logo as the ultimate symbol for everything that your business stands for. Given that a logo is an essential business investment, it is also just as important to take every step to protect it. Without

3 Ways to Make Great Marketing Materials for Free

Marketing materials have drastically changed over the last couple of years. Some years ago, all a business needed to enhance their marketing efforts would be quickly formulate a few brochures and flyers, and everything would have been settled. Today, it seems as if the options are endless since marketing does so much more than merely

4 Tips to Choosing the Best Logo Design Software for Your Online Business

Entrepreneurship and self-employment have caught-on like a wildfire in today’s world, making branding an essential component. However, high-budget promotional events and campaigns are not the only means of building your brand. In fact, just having a unique and custom business logo may be more important than you thought. An attractive and professional logo for your

5 tips to finding a good web host

When looking for a good web hosting company, you’ll notice that there are many hosts to choose from. You may not find it easy to come across the ideal option right away. Therefore, you’ll need some tips to help you decide on the best web hosting service provider. Here are 5 tips to finding a

5 Tips to Email Marketing on a Budget

As a marketer, email marketing is something you should always use to stay connected with your target audience. However much you’ve invested in many other strategies, it should remain at the center of your campaigns. This is because email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI). However, email and other forms of digital marketing