7 Type of Logo – How to choose best Logo

A logo is a symbol that encompasses a combination of images, texts, and shapes to aid and promote public identification or recognition of a business. Logos have played an instrumental role in underpinning a distinct identity of a business or company. Moreover, a logo is a strategic tool that helps to communicate the brand essence of a company. Thus, the logo not only plays a vital role in establishing instant brand recognition/recall but also influence the buying behavior of a customer.

Logos are ideal for both large and small & medium sizes of businesses. While large organization have a substantial advertising budget to influence the sale of their product, it becomes highly essential for small and medium businesses to create a logo as a primary tool to ensure product promotion.

For simpler understanding, we have listed 7 types of logo for you to gauge which logo is best for you.


Being one of the oldest and universal logos, the emblem logos include a symbol or icon. These logos are mostly adopted by a gamut of organizations in the automobile industry, sports teams, education institutions, and government agencies, among others. The emblem logo helps to convey a message in a creative form, depicting a rich history of a brand. Further, it also helps to keep alive the values of a company having a traditional flair to modern design. Some examples of emblem logo include Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, National Football Leauge and Starbucks.


2. Abstract Logo

An abstract is a visual language of form, color, line, and shape. The abstract logo design is a form of simple symbols or icons that are unique, creative, and impressive to convey a message or trigger an individual’s curiosity. Abstract logos have minimalistic design yet modern look that fit the brand concept, thereby making it easy to remember by customers or patrons. Select tech companies such as IBM Corporation, PayPal Holdings, Inc., and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd; among others have embraced the abstract logo design for their business. Abstract logos have also worked effectively for industries like Car Industry (Mercedes Benz) and Food industry (Dominoes)

With the help of colors and simple images, the abstract log can create a brand image for your business. No matter your industry, this exceptionally adaptable design technique can works well for all.  


3. Mascot

A mascot is a character chosen by an organization or company to represent as a brand ambassador. The mascot logo is primarily illustrated by characters that are cartoon-like and fun. It characterizes the brand and communicates the value of the brand. Moreover, it expresses a brand’s culture and builds a relationship with a customer. Thus, mascot logos have been adopted across various industries such as restaurants, food & beverages, games, and entertainment, among others. Mascot logos are more popular if the target audience is families with kids.

Brands such as Chuckie cheese, KFC and M&M have famous Mascot Logo.


4. Monogram Logos

Monograms are one of the oldest and simplest forms of decorative design. They are usually created through combination of letters to represent a single symbol for a business or a person.

Monogram works effectively for companies that have multiple words or are difficult to pronounce the name such as HP ,Warner Brothers Picture and LG.


5. Word Mark

These are uniquely styled text logos that spell out the company or brand name. Wordmark logo is often suggested to the new business which are establishing their presence in the market and wants to build their brand image. Word marks have worked exceptionally well in the past for brand such as Facebook, FedEx, and Mc Donald’s  are recommended if you want to popularize your company name.


6) Pictorial Mark

Pictorial mark is an interesting logo choice for, a pictorial mark logo is determining the image for the pictorial mark is one of the important decisions that a business needs to take while making a logo. As it becomes the image that comes to mind when you think “logo”: of a business. 

The major advantage of these logos is that they can effortlessly be combined into marketing materials. Whether positioned on the product itself or marketing publications, the symbol is easily spotted and used in the long run.

Great examples are Apple, Target, and WWF


7 ) Combination Mark

It is the most common type of logo. Combination logos have the advantages of both icon and wordmark. It can be a combination of pictures and the name of the business so that it can be easily recalled.

Some well-known combination market logo is like Burger King, Lacoste and Amazon.


Here you have the top 7 types of logo that can help you to create brand for your company. Order here for custom logo design .

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