3 Ways to Make Great Marketing Materials for Free

Marketing materials have drastically changed over the last couple of years. Some years ago, all a business needed to enhance their marketing efforts would be quickly formulate a few brochures and flyers, and everything would have been settled. Today, it seems as if the options are endless since marketing does so much more than merely support your sales process; they are critical for sales generation as well. Here are a few easy ways you can make excellent marketing materials for free and make a great first impression on your prospective clients:

1)    Use Free Vector Art

When making any variety of marketing materials, you must remember to keep things as clear as possible. If those elements of marketing use complex text, images and colors, then it is likely that your message will be lost and it will not effectively reach the desired audience. Simple, well-organized, and clean designs help to make your advertising materials come out with a professional appeal. One way to achieve that clean design is through using vector images. Fortunately, there is plenty of free vector art available today that you can capitalize on and use in your marketing content, like this soccer ball clip art from 4vector.com. There are so much more to choose from.

2)    Case Studies

Case studies are some of the easiest and free marketing materials that you can make. It’s all about showing potential clients what other previous customers have done, thanks to your service or product. For instance, if you are selling an online marketing service, you can illustrate how a client managed to increase his or her return on investment by a certain percentage after using your product. You can write the case studies as part of your blog content. They are an excellent method of increasing the credibility of both your service and your company in general as they describe the issues in detail. They also how your service managed to rectify those problems.

3) Downloadable Guides and eBooks

If you realize that your customers are stressed with specific issues, you should make it an important goal to assist them. Create an eBook or a guideline and offer it for free on your website. You can ask for the clients’ email addresses so that you can contact them later on and continue growing that relationship and boosting your credibility. Creating a guide or an eBook does not have to be expensive or complicated. If you have already written loads of content for your website, take a few blog posts about similar topics and join them together to create an informative eBook.

Besides the guidelines, you can also create free explainer videos to accompany your marketing materials. These videos can help you present your service or product innovatively and effortlessly. Even if you have a rather complex product, you can simplify its primary functionality through explainer videos. More consumers are inclining more to video content, hence, it is essential that you also tailor your marketing material to address that market segment. Having engaging content that has the potential of going viral could even help to improve your brand identity significantly.

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