5 Tips to Email Marketing on a Budget

As a marketer, email marketing is something you should always use to stay connected with your target audience. However much you’ve invested in many other strategies, it should remain at the center of your campaigns. This is because email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI).

email marketing

However, email and other forms of digital marketing are becoming more and more expensive year in year out. This could make you may feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, especially with the increasing competition. Here are a few tips that could help you market your brand with a limited budget.

1. Choose the Right Service Provider
Your business has its own unique needs, and only some email marketing services can specifically meet them. As a small business owner, you may not require sophisticated and expensive designs. Therefore, understand your needs and hire a provider that best meets them. It could save you lots of money.

2. Choose an Affordable Email Marketing Service
Many businesses hire costly services which boast of tons of features and the highest ROIs. However, knowing that you could get the same results from low-cost email marketing services can liberate you from a huge financial load. Just ensure that you do not go for free plans as they are not recommended.
Good email marketing services offer a free trial so you can be sure of their delivery before committing to a plan. Their plans are very affordable and they have so many great features.

3. The Secret of Blogging
Blogging is one of the easiest ways of marketing on a budget. It’s free and easy to set up a blog. You can post long content regularly to a targeted audience. Use it to increase your chances of making conversions by sending links of your blogs in the mailing list of your prospective customers.

4. Try Out Cheap Apps
So many companies spent thousands of dollars on flashy, super-duper designer email campaigns. You may not have enough money to use the designer they hired. However, you could still get the results they spent a fortune to get at an affordable price with some web applications.

If you’re lucky, you may get a completely free email application since some companies offer them out to the first few people at no cost before beginning to charge. You could also try out the trial versions of some low-cost apps before deciding on whether to continue with them. Such applications have head-turning features to capture any audience.

5. Use Free Templates
According to a study that iContact commissioned, small and medium businesses spent most of their marketing budgets on the email platform. You can do it differently by taking advantage of over 800 free customizable templates that work on different platforms and devices. Some of them even equip you with important email marketing design skills.

It’s not a must to spend a fortune on email marketing in order to get eye-catching designs that would attract customers. You could still be successful with a limited budget. Just understand your needs, choose the right provider, and take advantage of free templates and low-cost apps. Then you’ll enjoy the benefits of this powerful marketing platform.

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