14 Common Misconceptions and Myths about Logo Design

Welcome to the world of myths and misconceptions!

There are endless myths about logo design and we are here to give you a little insight whether it is true or not. If logos could speak, they would tell you that you do not understand them at all. It is true! Read the 14 common myths and misconceptions about logo design which you OUGHT to know.

1. The logo MUST reflect what a company does

Let us talk about the animals and star designs made on a logo. What does it represents? A logo design cannot always tell you a story about the company or what it does. It can be a simple star or a lion. Does it matter? Apple has an apple symbol but it does not have anything to do with a real apple. The symbol or design is used, to differentiate it from the rest of the companies or businesses. It gives the company an identity and that is it. It may or may not have any concrete meaning!

Don’t believe us? See the logos below and think if these logos reflect what these companies actually do?

Apple logo is not related to what it does Starbucks logo also doesn't reflect what the company does

2. A logo design MUST have a symbol

Who says that a logo must have a symbol? There are many companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Sony which do not have a symbol but their products and/or services sell like hot cakes. They do not need a tiger or a wheel as a logo symbol to attract the consumers. The apple on the Apple iPhone looks symbolic. You know it that it is a product of Apple and you relate to it. However, there are certain products which do not require a symbol. A simple text can just explain itself but you do not require a symbol all the time!

popular wordmark logos

3. Logo design SHOULD follow the industry style

We always see a home or a tree on real estate logo design. Why? There are other symbols which can be equally creative and relevant. There are very few designers who use a sea or a key as a logo symbol. If it is a seaside home, you could have a sea symbol instead of trees. Some people live in apartments and not country homes. You can be so creative with a logo symbol. The monotony of trees and country houses makes it boring and your real estate business will be like any other company!

real estate logo design

4. A logo design SHOULD be everlasting or timeless!

There are very few brands whose logo designs are timeless. For example, the McDonald’s logo design is popular and the whole world relates to it. If they change the design, people would not associate it with the McDonald’s they knew about! However, the timeless logo design saying is a myth! People age and logos are not any different! The logo needs a change from time to time. It needs to be in touch with the current trends. Even McDonald’s logo has been changed many times since they started.

Nike logo’s swoosh is another example of so called timeless logo but this too has evolved over the years.

Evolution of Nike's logo

5. A logo design HAS to be agreeable

You may like the logo design but the other person may not like it as much. Who cares? At the end of the day, your product needs to deliver what it aims to! Everyone thinks about looks and outer beauty but the point of a logo design has a different goal. It should be good enough for your company/brand. Nobody will dislike your company because your logo looks boring. It is time to grow up! Bacardi has an ugly black bat on its logo but it sells one of the finest white rum. Do you think anybody cares about the ugly black bat? In fact, people relate to the brand when they see it.

Bacardi logo has an ugly bat

6. Logo design is the LEAST important aspect in Branding

Whoever said this was born yesterday! They surely do not know the ‘B’ of branding. You need to hire a good logo designer to get the best possible logo design for your company. It does not cost a bomb to get a design made. However, it takes considerable time and creativity to design a logo for your company.

myths about logo design

7. A great logo design will take your BUSINESS to new heights

Do not worry too much about your logo design! Yes, a logo design is important, but you do not have to spend all your savings on it. Having the most expensive logo design will not solve the purpose. You need to hire a good designer, who spends time to find the most suitable and creative logo design for your business. The logo design, alone, will not take your business to new heights. It is an important aspect but you need to put in hard work and deliver quality products and services to have a successful business.

After all, how many businesses you have heard about which succeeded only because of great logo? Your guess is as good as ours. None!

8. Logo design is EASY

No job in this world is easy! A graphic designer works as hard and it does take a lot of time and creativity to create a logo design. It needs attention; detailing and you have to understand that it is very time-consuming. Never underestimate the work of a logo designer. They might have to be up all night to design a good logo for your company. It cannot be created in five minutes! It needs a professional to create the best design.

logo design process

9. I DO NOT need professional logo designer. I can spend that money on better things!

There are many myths about logo design but this is the funniest. If everyone could design a logo, people would not need to take graduation and post graduation degrees in the field of designing. You can save that money for something else and not invest in something that is important for your company. It is not the wisest decision because only a professional logo designer understands the intricacies involved in creating a good logo design.

intricacies of logo design

10. ANY kind of logo can work for my company

Well, if you really want to save money and go for any logo then it is your choice! It is our thinking that logo designs are vital for any business. You cannot go for any kind of logo! You cannot copy anybody else’s logo as well and not only because of copyright reasons. A logo is associated with a brand and if you’re using any generic logo, your target audience will never be able to associate that logo with you. It has to be unique so that when people at your logo, they think of you. At one point, you will understand the need for a good logo for your company.

logo must be unique

11. Logo design DOES NOT require creativity

Every job in this world requires creativity and believe us, logo design requires even more creativity than most other jobs. A professor needs to have the creativity in class to help the students understand a concept. A shoe maker needs to have the creativity to design a shoe which is perfect for party wear. You have to choose the finest logo designing company or a good logo designer that you can easily afford in order to get the best logo. When we say “best”, it means the logo that works best for your business since there can never be a best logo.

logo designer should be creative

12. Logo can be created using CLIP ART

Clip-arts are pre-made designs, icons or illustrations. For a brand to stand out, clip arts must be avoided due to many reasons. First, your logo will look like thousand other logos using same/similar clipart. Secondly and more importantly, you can end up violating someone’s copyright which would result in reputation damage and even financial loss.

Logo designs should be fresh and unique! A good logo designer will take inspiration from various sources and come up with the most unique logo symbol or design for your company. Logos should almost always be designed from scratch!

logo design is not easy

13. Logo design SHOULD be complex

The best logo designs in the world are the ones which are simple yet unique. Take a look at the symbol of McDonald’s! It is a symbol M symbol but people relate to it. It has its own identity! Sony and Facebook logo designs are so simple but there are millions of buyers of Sony products.

It is a trusted brand because it delivers great technological products. You do not need a work of art for your logo! Sometimes simple can be straightforward and people may connect to it.

mcdonalds logo is a great example of simple yet effective logo design

14. Logo designs are EXPENSIVE

Logo designs are original and they are designed from scratch. Designing a logo requires a lot of hard work and it is time-consuming. You will find many logo designers around and they might cost you a fortune. However, you will find many logo designing companies which will provide you with the best logo for your company at an affordable price. We, at 40dollarlogo.com, provide professional custom logo design services starting at just $40 USD.

These were some of the common myths and misconceptions about logo design! You need to understand that having a good logo design is important for your business. It is not used as an eye candy but to give an identity to your business. You should definitely think of it as an investment and not an extra expense!

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