How Hollywood Nailed Logo Design!

A logo design speaks volumes about a product, company and even for a movie. If you are a true movie buff, you might have seen the logos of the famous movies such as Godfather, Harry Potter, 300, Finding Nemo and much more. These are the epic movies that anybody will be able to relate to.

The logo design is not there to just look pretty. There is a whole story going on behind a logo. Today, we are going to talk about the famous Hollywood Logo Designs and how they have nailed it. The movie makers hire professionals to design these logos. A lot of time is invested to design a logo for a movie. You probably own a few t-shirts or mugs that have your favourite movie’s logo.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

The dark knight rises
In the year 2012, The Dark Knight Rises movie came to theatres and so did the new logo design of the movie. The bat in the logo has turned radical over the years. The movie is dark and mysterious. So, the design is apt for the movie. It shows a dark background with a brighter and distorted bat shape. It fits the theme of the movie and we feel it has been designed beautifully.

2. 300

300 the movie
The logo design of the movie 300 is easy to understand. If you have watched the movie, you would know that there is a lot of violence and blood-shed in the movie. You will see one battle scene and then you move on to the next. Well, the logo design has the number 300 (300 spartan soldiers who stood up to might persian army) which looks like it has been made with blood stains. You get the gist of it that the movie is going be violent and bloodthirsty.

3. Finding Nemo

finding nemo

This is one of our favorite. Finding Nemo was a charming movie which was about a protective father and a son. Note that we are talking about two clown fishes. The animated movie is much-loved by elders and the younger generation alike. The logo design of the movie is short and snappy. You see a fish inside the O. Just beneath the Nemo, there is a sea wave. You get to know that it is a movie which includes the sea world and fishes. It is very creative!

4. 007

James Bond 007

Who doesn’t know about the James Bond movies? The 007 logo design is very popular and even a teenager will be able to identify the movie by seeing the design. The logo design is perfect because there is a gun with the 007. The 00 code is used for the License to Kill, i.e. the agent has the license to kill without being questioned. The gun could also mean that it is an action-packed movie.

5. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park logo is clear but we just love the design. As we all know, dinosaurs are extinct species; we see a skeleton-like structure of the dinosaur in the logo. The font is mysterious and it fits the theme of the movie as well. We personally love the design of this logo! Beneath the text, you can see a shadow of trees as well. It speaks volumes about the movie!

6. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

What do you make out from the logo design of Harry Potter movie? The text style mystifying and there are sharp edges as well. It does tell you that the theme is fantasy and it is going to be about witches and wizards. The logo uses simple text but you do get to know the theme from the way it is written. You can also see the famous lightning bolt scar that is visible in the letter P.

7. The Godfather

The Godfather

Have you ever seen the godfather taking direct action? No! He just pulls the strings and makes everybody do the (dirty) work. The Godfather is a puppeteer who control everyone’s actions. You can see the strings and a hand in the logo design. The movie is all about Godfather pulling the strings and controlling everyone’s actions. In essence, the logo symbolizes power and control.

We love the design because it is to the point and reflects the gist of the movie beautifully. The movie was great too 🙂

8. Shrek


Shrek was an adorable movie about an ogre, who falls in love with a princess. When you see the logo, you will see the ears of the ogre on the S letter. Ogres are green and they have ears shaped like a cone. You get to know that the movie is about an ogre. It is a brilliant animated movie which has all the fairytale characters. If you haven’t yet watched it, go for it. You will love it!

9. UP

Pixar UP

UP was a heart warming movie which was based around the theme of never ending love. When you see the logo, you get a gist that the movie is centred on a house and balloons. There are clouds in the background which signify along with the balloons that the house will be up in the sky. The usage of blue and white is perfect because it is visually appealing and it gives a warm feeling as well. The movie is about an old man, who is on a mission to fulfil his late wife’s wish. Movie is as wonderful as the logo.

10. Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is a beautiful movie with Julia Roberts playing the lead role. The logo has been designed appropriately. The texts have significance as the, eat is in the form of pasta. The lead character goes to pray in India and so, the pray text is in the form of Indian religious rudraksha beads. She finds love in Bali and so, the love text is in the form of flowers. It makes perfect sense!

Do you see the importance of logo designs in a movie? It is very important! You not only get to know the theme of the movie by looking at the design but it’s the first thing which catches the attention. The above mentioned Hollywood movies have nailed the logo design. You get the gist of the movie and the designers have used their creativity well. Well, we are sure that you know about the power of logo design now.

Disclaimer: All the logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners and have been used in the post for only for reference purpose.

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