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Real feedback from real clients

" This is the second time I've worked with 40 Dollar Logo. The first was to clean up a mess from another designer who left me hanging high and dry with an image that was improperly sized and other images I could not use. 40 Dollar Logo was everything that other company wasn't - professional, responsive, engaging, collaborative, problem solvers, polite, customer-first. I trusted 40 Dollar Logo enough to design a logo for a business of mine and they wanted to make sure they got it right so they changed the concept without complaint, even being proactive in asking me if they were on the right track. They quickly found a design, and I have high standards, that worked well. It looks great. Sizing was an issue but with no complaint, they fixed it, with an eager-to-please attitude. They are the easily the best of logo companies I've worked with in the last 10 years and different magazines and businesses I've started. I will use them for one more business and then stationary design. I sincerely recommend them to you if you are considering someone to use. They are very polite, stay engaged with you and don't disappear, are committed to pleasing you and deliver the goods. I find it difficult to trust because of bad experiences in business but I trust 40 Dollar Logo implicitly and I think you can too."

" Impressed -- quality for cost was beyond expectation -- they insured they understood my goals and walked me through the process -- turn-around time was well within what they stated -- Revisions were handled professionally and quickly -- Will definitely use again on future projects."

" I was very picky with the design and Gayatri at 40dollar logos was very patient and made the changes that I asked for with no questions asked. He did this until I was completely satisfied. I was waiting for him to blow a gasket and say, "go fly a kite" but it never happened and I ended up with a product I am happy with. I would recommend them wholeheartedly and the price is superb as well. "

" I had no problems with explaining the guys from 40DollarLogo what I'm expecting from my logo, in fact the very first designs they sent me had almost all my expectations met. I think their application form is very clever, it allows you to give them as many guidelines as possible. Overall, very pleased with their service and with my new logo! "

"40dollarlogo created a great array of design concepts for, very quickly, for our company. We were quickly able to narrow the selection down and in each step of the way 40dollarlogo was able to turn around our change requests within 24 hours. The whole process took less than two weeks and we could nto be happier with the outcome. The final product ended up being better that we coudl have imagined. "

" Neil made a perfect logo for me. He sent me many kinds of logo and answered to my requests all the time. I wanted to have a perfect logo because it will be the face of my company so didn't want to compromise. I asked to him to revise so many times, and he did a good job every time. Finally, I got a really cute logo and am very satisfied with it:)"

" As a start up company on a limited budget, $40 was the perfect entry price point. I was impressed by the portfolio which I found online so quickly ordered some designs. $40 dollar logo stuck to their promise of a quick turn around and I had my designs within 48 hours. I found my choice in the first batch, they were very fast with any changes I wanted to make. I am very happy with the service that was provided and would be more then happy to recommend them to any one at this level. "

" The graphic designer I worked with was very talented and very patient. We kept going back and forth in regards to what the logo should look like and what it should convey. Which type of font, images, and colors should we use? How should they be spaced, etc. We probably made about 10 revisions to my original design; I can be a bit of a stickler. In the end, the logo for my company is outstanding! I am appreciative for Neil's talent and creativity. "

" The team at 40 Dollar Logo did a great job creating a bold yet simple logo for my clothing line. They patiently worked with me to create the right logo for my business. I'm very glad I chose them and would recommend them to others!"

" The service I received was truly a remarkable experience. Not only it was a cost effective solution on finding a good logo, but the prompt customer service is unmatched. They listen to what you want, and they will create the logo of a lifetime."

" This was my first experience using a logo design company and I was happy with the results. Neil was very quick at coming up with plenty of ideas to choose from and made our requested adjustments quickly and exactly as we asked. I'm happy with the service and the logo. I would recommend this service to others. Thanks!"

" I sent a terrible sketch of an idea I wanted for my business logo- I got 4 logos back, 1 of which was very similar to what I sketched (except beautifully executed) and 3 others. I thought I had known exactly what I wanted, but after seeing the sketches, I changed my mind and went through multiple revisions in order to have my dream realized. I am so thrilled! I love my logo!!! Thank you so VERY much!"

" I am absolutely amazed with the professionalism and impeccable work of 40dollarlogo. The logo they created for our organization will be one that will allow our business to continue to grow and thrive. We now have an extraordinary logo to match our extraordinary cause. Excellent work!! "

" 40DollarLogo is awesome to work with. Very patient and understanding, even when I communicated improperly. They gave me an awesome logo that I would have never envisioned on my own. Their service rivals many that charge much more money, and I have no doubt if you use them, they can provide you with something that will make your brand stand out against the rest, and they do it at economical prices. Starting a business venture can be hard, and coming up with a logo is a major part of it. Your logo will be the face of your brand that the public will see, and it needs to represent you properly. I am confident that in choosing 40DollarLogo you will be putting this important task in the hands of someone you can trust to get it right."

" Fantastic work !!! I gave them a specific cultural and symbolic challenge with some constraints on their creative minds on what would be acceptable to us as a corporate logo. They exceeded our expectations in every regard- quality, customer service and price."

" The logo came out better than I envisioned you guys were able to take my concept and ideas about what I want to convey to my customers and incorporated it all in a logo design. The logo is truly a visual of who I am, my profession, and my company. Thank you very much for bringing it all together in a logo "

" Wow! I am completely impressed and happy with my new logo for the clinic. They did such an amazing job and were very prompt with their response time. They catered to my every need and want for my logo. One happy customer here! I would recommend their services to anyone who needs a facelift on their business logo."

" I was very impressed with the design concepts delivered as promised; incorporating my feedback and suggestion; ongoing communication; timely response; and delivery of the final logo design product. I would strongly recommend this company to as many colleague and business associates as possible. I am 100% satisfied customer. Thank you and I am deeply pleased and appreciated."

" Awesome. Fast. Did exactly what I asked. Affordable. I was pleasantly surprised! !! For $40, I wasn't expecting much, but I was wrong. Service was great! Highly recommend Regina. "

" I tried a couple local artists to design my logo and they wouldn't even try. I was very glad I came across 40 Dollar Logo. They took my simple self designed logo and made it so much better giving me 6 concepts to choose from and at a fantastic price. 40 Dollar Logo was very efficient in getting the concepts to me. I even had a couple of revisions and they came back to me in a timely manner. I highly recommend 40 Dollar Logo for and business especially small local business."

" The mockups led us to a great start and branched off some good ideas. I started with a 21st Century Idea. Paras, provided me with a 21st Century mockup as i asked and included a modern mockup. The modern logo caught my eye really quick for my type of business. From there is was just minor adjustments with color and design. The individuals (paras) working on my modern concepts and revisions does superior work. I have already recommended you services to a construction company in Washington, I know you will provide them with great services."

" At first, for $40, I really didn't expect much. A generic logo maybe. After frequent emails back and forth, 40dollarlogo's staff went above and beyond to ensure I had the perfect logo. They took my feedback and made my logo even better than I had originally imagined. This was probably the best $40 I've ever spent, for a logo easily worth $150+. Highly recommended."

" My experience of using your service has been great. The designer is very creative and very responsive to the little details of all my feedbacks. It helps me to feel very much a part of the designing process. Thank you and I look forward to work with you again."

" I am totally blown away by the quality of $40Logos. The costumer service is outstanding. I was able to communicate my feeback through out the entire design process from starting process till final product. It felt as if I was present next to the designer. The output is very relevant to the costumers thought process. The final Logo images are in great file formats to use in any advertising material I would need to use it in from T-Shirts, advertising on benches, golf balls, caps, and web sites or e-mails. The final product is comparable to and better to than that of Logos that colleagues have paid 100's of $'s for. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to any friend, colleagues, orcompany that needs Logo design. You cccan imagine, I' am a totally blind individual. Lost my vision to diabetes 2 years ago so I still have color concept. $40 Logos was able to put my design concept down to the T. My partners were amazed at the final product provided. Once again, I would not hesitate to recommend this very friendly, afortable, and easy to use service. "

" I loved your design selections. It was hard to decide. You sent me exactly what I had in mind based on my answers on your questionnaire. You have provided me a very good looking logo for a GREAT price. I will definitely tell others who are looking for logo designers about you guys. Keep up the great work!"

" Fast and outstanding customer service! Took my initial design to a whole new level. Fantastic experience working with 40DollarLogo. I will recommend them to anyone wanting an extraordinary logo design!"

" I am very pleased with the service I received from 40DollarLogo. The final product is a logo that perfectly expresses what I had in mind. Despite being half a world and many time zones away, my inquiries were always addressed in a timely fashion. I will certainly hire 40DollarLogo again when the need arises."

" After answering just a few questions and describing in less than a paragraph roughly what I was looking for, I was absolutely thrilled with the very first drafts created for me. It only took about 3-4 revisions to get a logo that was better than I even imagined before I began this process. I was so impressed with the quality of their designs that I also paid for a 2nd one. I highly recommend everyone give them a shot. The process is very simple and the turnaround time for each revision is only 2-3 days. Everything is done through email and they make it very simple. Thanks!"

" I loved the way 40DollarLogo conduct business. I loved their concepts so much that at a moment I couldn't make a choice which mockup to go for. Therefore, I found myself wiling to pay for two extra mockups because I like them and I know I need them. Besides, communication with the designers is so smooth and direct and I never had problems getting my requests taken care of. Because of this, I have decided to have them design my business card and letterheads and in the near future I am going to ask them to design mywebsite. Keep up the good work. "

" I was not sure what kind of service I was going to receive in exchange for just $40. However, I was blown away by your professionalism and outstanding creativity and workmanship! It was like I was working with a designer that I had paid hundreds of dollars an hour. Thank you so much!"

" Overall it was a great experience. Communication was quick and constant, the support was helpful, and the logo turned out great! I would absolutely recommend this service to someone in the future."

" Great service !! Fast, listened to what we were looking for and easy to make revisions. Would use this service again and recommend for anyone looking for this type of product."

" I really enjoyed going with 40dollarlogo because of the customization of the logo, and how when they did a revision of the logo they were able to understand exactly what I was trying to achieve with the logo."

" The logo was completed to my liking in a timely manner. I would recommend your service to anyone seeking help with their business' image. Thank you for your assistance with this process."

" I would recommend this service to anyone needing help designing a logo . They work hard at getting it the way you want it to be . I am very happy with the service and will use it again in the future . Thank You"

" 40DolllarLogo was exceptional in their work. They deliver what you need with their creativity, punctuation, communication and best of all, it's affordable. I would recommend 40DollarLogo to any business that's starting."

" Thank you for helping me create a logo in this week. I am glad I signed up for the service with 4 designers as some contributed more than others. Overall, I am pleased with the result."

" 40DollarLogo was able to capture my vision exactly as I imagined it. The service was also very fast. Whenever I asked for an edit they would quickly respond by amending the initial logo concept. I am so happy with my logo and I can't wait to place it on my product. I highly recommend using 40DollarLogo. The process is quick and painless. "

" I got my first logo within the time promised and modifications within a day of requesting them. I ended up choosing the original, but was happy to have had other choices. The logo is very simple, but really works for my business. I have already recommended this company to others. I would definitely work with them again."

" The team I worked with in designing my business logo did an amazing job! They made sure to get all of my feedback until the finished product was exactly what I wanted! It even turned out much better than what I had envisioned in my own head. Thank you Harsha and the whole team at 40 dollar logo for bringing my logo to life!"

" I was very impressed with the quality of service provided by 40DollarLogo. Responsive, many designs, and a good iterative process to produce the logo(s) that I needed. I would not hesitate to use 40DollarLogo in the future!"

" If you are looking for an affordable logo, 40DollarLogo is the place to get it! I thought it was a scam at first, but it's legit and they do quality work. I'm excited about my logo and use it proudly."

" Good service, but ultimately what matters is the product and they did very well. Harsha was helpful and responsive, even when I completely changed my midn on the logo direction. Thanks guys."

" My business might be a hobby business and I had cobbled together a logo. 40DollarLogo took my amateurish attempt and made it look really professional at a price I could afford."

" Incredibly happy with the level of service and design work that 40DollarLogo has to offer. Within a very short period of time we had the perfect logo for our new business and they even sent us a zip file with the artwork saved in multiple ways in order for us to utilitze the logo design effectively. Thank you so much!"

" Thank you for providing us with a beautiful logo. At first, I would have liked to have received all of the designs together, but once we got them we ended up really loving the one we ended up with. The revisions were fast and easy. Thanks again."

" Excellent service. I purchased a logo for my business. Everybody communicated promptly, listened to what I wanted, did the revisions as needed, and sent a great product."

" Working with 40DollarLogo was a great experience. I am very happy with the logo, and the service was great. Shilpi was very responsive and did a great job. Thank you."

" This was an amazing value. The designers were very responsive and took my half-formed ideas and created something really great. I did several iterations included with my package and was very satisfied with the end product. I would definitely use them again. "

" Harsha Sharma was the representative I worked with. I am very pleased with her work. The quality of the image I received is good, and I can resize it with none of the problems I had with our old logo. Communication was good. Price was fair. "

" My team was fantastic! They were quick to respond and never complained at the many revisions I sent back in order to get exactly what was in my head. They were able to take an idea and a picture I had in my mind, and put it into a design! I couldn't be happier with the final result! Thanks again! "

"I have nothing but praise for the service provided by this company. You can expect a professional approach towards your request. The designers were very talented and supplied me with a final product that I was absolutely happy with within a few days of the request. I would definitely do business with this company again. "

"Excellent service at a very affordable price. I quickly received 4 excellent logo designs. I am very happy with the service and I highly recommend 40 dollar logo. "