Holiday Doodle Design Services

Doodle Design Packages



Pick any 2 Out of 4 Doodles 

Upto 1 Revision 

Delivery in 1 Business Days

Sample Doodles




Pick any 3 Out of 4 Doodles 

Upto 1 Revision 

Delivery in 2 Business Days

Sample Doodles



All 4 Doodles 

Upto 1 Revision 

Delivery in 3 Business Days

Sample Doodles

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll get both source and image files for all doodles.

Yes, if you are ordering Basic or Standard package then you can pick any two or three from given four options, i.e. New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Pro package includes all four options by default.

Doodles are created using a standard manual process which makes it very difficult to accommodate custom feedback. At the maximum, we can accommodate one revision assuming it doesn't result in change in original logo design in any way.

Unfortunately refunds aren't possible for doodle orders. Please take a look at sample logos to get an idea of how doodles of your logo may look like before ordering.